This is What We Do...and Why You Need Us to Do It.
  • START↓HEREGoals &
    Brand Emersion
    Goals &
    Brand Emersion
    Seek first to understand,
    then exceed expectations.

    Definition of Success

    Brand Integration

    Message Hierarchy Development

    Partner Marketing Plans

    Sponsorship Programs

  • Pre-Event Budget & Planning
    Pre-Event Budget & Planning
    You can’t budget for what you don’t know. We don’t miss a thing.

    Critical Implementation Timetable

    Budget Automation System

    Location & Quality

    Attendee Projections/Number of Days

    Sponsorship & Registration Income

  • Site
    Selection & Contracts
    Site Selection & Contracts
    Strong domestic and international relationships required.

    Site & Venue Analysis

    Contract Negotiations: Venues, Housing, Food & Beverage

    Audits & Attrition

    Legal, Insurance & Permits

    Union Labor

    Global Vendor & Event Staff

  • Logistics
    Proven processes insure
    impeccable timing.

    Ground Transportation Systems

    Volunteer Management

    Crowd Moving Synchronization

    Security Staff & Emergency Plans

    Formal Contingency Plans

    Leveraged Vendor Relationships

  • Experience Design

    Experience Design
    How to transport your attendees to the land of your brand.

    Venue Immersion

    Way Finding

    Relationship Building Activities

    Functions, Directions, Timelines

    Conference Flow

    Sponsor Integration

  • Food & Beverage
    Food & Beverage
    Think fantastic,
    crowd-pleasing food within budget.

    Creative Menu Design

    Pre-Event Tasting

    Accurate Banquet Event Orders

    Staff Meals

    Special Meal Requirements

    Guarantee to Actualized Number

    Beverage Consumption Tracking

    Onsite Quality Control

  • Branding
    & Signage
    Branding & Signage
    Splash your brand everywhere.

    Signage & Props

    Clings, Lighting & Video Projections

    Presentation Graphics & Videos

    Promotional Materials

    Event Related Gifts

  • Registration
    & Website
    & Website
    Attendees' first impression
    of the event.

    Automated Reg. & Payment Systems

    CPE Certification, Tracking & Reporting

    Website Development

    CRM Integration

    Conference App

    VIP White Glove Treatment

  • Breakout Management
    Breakout Management
    A well-oiled machine.

    Meeting Space Master Schedule

    Room Sets & Stage Configuration

    Presentation & Collateral Design

    IT and A/V Requirements & Support

    Onsite Presenter Assistance

  • Production
    Big impact creative.

    Brand & Tone Framework

    A/V & Stage Design

    Production Schedules & Cue to Cue

    Presentation Design & Coaching

    Talent Booking and Management

    Live Webcasting

  • Evening Events
    Evening Events
    We build stellar events...
    You build solid relationships.

    Theme, Décor & Lighting

    Entertainment, Staging & A/V

    Creative Food & Beverage

    Supplier/Vendor Management

    Pop-up Facilities

    Security Staff & Emergency Plans

    Licensing & Permits

  • Post-Event Budget Review
    Post-Event Budget Review
    No surprises and painless reconciliation. Let’s do it again.

    Budget Audit

    Formal Debrief

    Participant Feedback

    Post Event Survey Report

    Next Year Planning

  • User Conferences